Kids Self-Defense: Johnson Family

“Our boys have been training with Mark for several months.  They can’t wait to go to Mark’s, and always tell us what they are learning from ‘Mr. Mark’ which goes far beyond the athleticism.  They’ve gained strength and agility, not just physically but emotionally.  Mark is an outstanding person, exceptionally skilled in Jiu-Jitsu, and imparts both of these to the kids in his classes.  They have more confidence and are excited about their strength, and more critically, know how to appropriately handle things like bullying and self-defense. I really can’t say enough about Mark and highly recommend him.”  

~ Janelle Johnson

“I think it’s fun.  He teaches you jiu-jitsu, we play games and it’s a fun place to go and learn new exercise.  We earn stripes on our belts depending on how hard we work in class. My goal is to get to the next one and keep on going and having a great time doing Jiu-jitsu with Mr. Mark.”

~ Tristan Johnson (age 7)

“I would tell all the kids to join Mr. Mark’s because it is great.”

Ethan Johnson (age 5)

“Mr. Mark is super nice and a good teacher.  We have friends there and learn punches and grappling.” 

~ Micah Johnson (age 5)