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All of our programs are created with the S3 FrameworkThe S3 Framework stands for the Self Secure System. It is centered on the belief that we should and need to perform activities that develop our individual security and confidence in our capabilities, whether it be to be a better student, athlete, parent, or to defend ourselves. When we are developing security and confidence, we are more likely to take care of our bodies and minds and less likely to be involved with activities that will conflict with these goals.




Recommended for ages 11-18 involved in youth, amateur, or advanced sports programs. This program is designed to build the athletic foundation in strength, speed, and stamina.

Our program includes an integrated, five-point approach:

1) Assess individual Movement Patterns and General Fitness: We begin with assessing individual movement pattern ranges of motion and any current limitations. We will also evaluate general strength and fitness levels through a few measures to include core strength, balance and stability, general pushing and pulling strength, and grip strength. This provides a baseline measure from which to assess improvements in mechanical performance.

2) Develop and Reinforce proper Mechanics: Re-enforcing proper body mechanics is paramount for sports performance success, whether the movements are sports-specific, or strength training mechanics. We will continuously assess the individual’s aptitude and technique efficiency through a hierarchy of movements beginning with body weight-based movements and including external resistance aided movements such as barbells, dumbbells, kettle-bells, resistance bands and other odd objects based implements.

3) Develop Absolute Strength: Our program centers on building a strong foundation through maximal strength. This is vital to the success of the athlete and crucial in order to add in additional strength performance qualities, such as explosiveness and endurance. Absolute strength requires the individual to generate as much force as possible, irrespective of time or weight class, to perform a single, all-out effort (e.g., a 1RM). The method by which we perform this is through maximal effort. We plan for, and include, maximal strength measures as part of our program.

4) Develop Explosive Strength: To develop explosive strength, we focus on movements that require a strong rate of force development. Most athletic endeavors require some form of explosiveness in the form of jumping, throwing, sprinting, swinging an object, punching, etc. We include many variations of these in our program to learn how to generate a high rate of force.

5) Develop Work Capacity: Also known as “Power”, this is the amount of work an individual can perform over a period of time. We improve power output/work capacity through workout drills designed to test the individual to perform a fixed quantity of work (typically as fast as possible), or perform as much work as possible in a fixed amount of time (as much as possible).

Each workout will focus on one or more attribute leveraging the conjugate method of training. “Conjugate” means “to join together,” and combining multiple methods within a single workout can lead to a stronger, faster, more well-balanced body.  This combination of strength training qualities is a time-tested method for developing better athletic capabilities.

Individuals under the age of 18 interested in this training must schedule their assessment and obtain parental approval prior to beginning.

No membership required. We offer convenient, “use-as-you-go” pre-paid punch-cards for this program. Spaces are limited to 10 people per session. Contact us using the form below to secure your spot!



Recommended for ages 18+, S3 Fit is an MMA-inspired fitness conditioning system named after our Self-Secure System (S3) Framework.  Fitness is an essential ingredient in this framework’s success.

S3 Fit takes cardio kickboxing and “kicks” it up several notches. We include exercises and drills that are part of various martial art styles that will have you using your entire body.

This is an AMAZING workout designed to work you from head to toe, inside and out! You have the dual benefit of being introduced to many of the basics movements of Self-Defense that we teach in detail in our Self-Defense curriculum. Each workout is a unique combination of these drills that are basic enough for anyone to learn and follow and challenging enough for even the most elite athlete.  Learning new skills while getting a GREAT workout is what this program is all about!

This is a group training class and drop-ins are welcome. No prior experience necessary.

S3 FIT MMA Bootcamp is included with an Adult Self Defense membership, or you can use pre-paid punch cards to attend classes. Please complete the form below to schedule your trial class.



Recommended for ages 18+, our S3 Strength Training Fundamentals is a workout program designed to introduce many of the fundamental concepts of strength training to new and intermediate trainees.

Offered in a small group format, our students take this training as an “accelerator” prior to engaging in a more rigorous training program, to help ensure they are performing exercises properly and safely.

Basic concepts included with this training include:

  1. The concepts of Progressive overload.
  2. The KISS principle.
  3. “Working out” versus “training”.
  4. Developing discipline.
  5. Taking the long-term view of your health and strength training.
  6. Nutrition building blocks.
  7. Recuperation, recovery, and rest.
  8. The 3 Types of muscular contraction (concentric, eccentric, and isometric).
  9. The difference between body weight, barbell, dumbbell, kettle-bell, and other odd object implements.

This is a small group training program. No membership required. We offer convenient, “use-as-you-go” pre-paid punch-cards for this program. Spaces are limited to 10 people per session. Contact us using the form below to secure your spot! Please complete the form below to schedule your trial class.

RPC Custom Personal Training


Custom-tailored training programs are offered by Coach Ray and RPC Fitness through the convenience of  in-home, one-on-one, or small group training. Nutritional coaching also available. Learn more about the services offered here.