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Self-Secure System: A Framework for Confident Living

Words Matter

The term “Self-Defense” is used to generally describe the tools and techniques that we should use to defend ourselves against acts of aggression, whether they are verbal, physical, or life-threatening.

However, word choice matters. Let’s illustrate.

The words “defend” and “secure” are similar, yet different.  Read these definitions and see if you spot it.

Defend (v): to resist an attack made on (someone or something); protect from harm or danger.

Secure (v): feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety; protected against threats; made safe.

Figure it out? Here’s my point.

When you “defend” against something, you are actively resisting an attack, meaning it is in the process of happening and was not prevented.


When you are “secure” you feel safe and free from threats. In other words, you feel confident. You have not entered the state of needing to defend yourself.

This, to me, is a fundamental difference in how we view ourselves and our abilities to execute techniques when they are needed.  Self-Security begins with the premise that you believe your life is worth defending.


When you believe this, you will spend time doing things that make you a better person. Building your skills, capabilities, knowledge, and character gives you confidence to build your life the way you want it and to protect your life at all costs.  You will need to execute the most vital techniques in your technique arsenal without hesitation and with the utmost confidence in your ability if you ever need them.

How do you do live a life worth defending? You live a life that builds character and values and, most importantly, confidence.Confidence

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Self-Secure System: A Framework for Confident Living